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miércoles 12 de octubre de 2016

Los increíbles fenómenos que se ven desde la cabina de un avión

Se logra observar algunos de los fenómenos atmosféricos más impresionantes, tales como auroras boreales y tormentas eléctricas, entre otros.

Christiaan van Heijst y Daan Krans, dueños de la empresa de Amazing-Aviation, tomaron fotografías desde cabinas de avión donde muestran algunos de los fenómenos atmosféricos más impresionantes, tales como auroras boreales o tormentas eléctricas.

"Desde que empecé a trabajar como piloto siempre sentí la necesidad de capturar la atmósfera de las vistas únicas que tenía desde la cabina", contó Van Heijst a la agencia Caters News.

"Me siento muy privilegiado de poder trasladar de alguna manera esas vistas con mi cámara en algo que se puede compartir, mirar y que cualquiera puede apreciar".


Buzz Aldrin, one of the first two men to be on the moon, made this fantastic quote regarding his epic and inspiring Apollo 11 mission to the moon. "We need to have people up there who can communicate what it feels like, not just pilots and engineers." How true and pure to describe the tranquility and relief of flight in general that can only be seen from above. No matter what cockpit; from a small Cessna or a Boeing 747, or even a lunar capsule (though that view and experience must have been a million times more inspiring and awesome), the stars, the earth and our very place in the universe is visible in its full glory. I doubt any aviator or astronaut with an eye for the beauty of life, would question that. But putting those views and emotions into words, or other transferable emotions for that sake, is quite difficult if not impossible. Ever since I first flew as a (small) passenger at the age of two-and-a-half (on a 747!), I was instantly captured by the beauty and incomprehensible beauty of seeing the world from above. Believe it or not, but I still remember fragments of seeing Iceland, Greenland and later on Washington-by-night from my little window. My face glued to the window and my young mind trying to absorb as many details and views as it could handle. Even my mother can testify to that very experience and the effect it has had on me since haha. The extreme distances that were suddenly laid out by my window were never forgotten, and my life has been dictated by it ever since. Now, with the untamable urge to make a living out of flying more than fulfilled, I find myself extremely fortunate to carry a good camera with me and, with all the support from my employer Cargolux, to capture the pure beauty of mother nature, the Earth and all of her wonders in its full glory. (Rest of caption in comments) #flight #aviation #northernlights #aurora #cockpit #flightdeck #flightcrew #pilot #jpcvanheijst #instagood #instadaily #instagramaviation #boeing #747 #night #milkyway #stars #beautiful

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